COVID-19 Church Hub Re-Launch Plan

PBC's Plan to Re-Launch


Just a quick update on where we are at regarding meeting together as a congregation. 

Last week we re-launched our evening service. During this time, we pray where we are seated, we listen to edifying songs on YouTube and receive a Bible teaching as we continue our survey of the Scriptures. These teachings are also available on our website by clicking on the Bible Teaching Series link.  

As of June 12th, the Alberta Government is allowing Sunday AM worship services to resume with minimal restrictions on numbers. However, most other measures are still in place. Everyone who attends will need to sign in; social distancing must be maintained (6 feet either side), sanitizing of surfaces and hands will continue, and singing is not permitted at this time. Congregants can hum along or sing with face masks covering mouths. 

Lastly, entrances and exits must be separate.  

So, where does this leave us? Do we resume services or continue with the status quo? After numerous discussions with the elders, board members, and many of you, the general consensus is to proceed cautiously. Realistically, we are looking at a mid-July re-launch. We will continue to provide a pre-recorded service available through our website.  

One of the concerns is that we have developed the habit of enjoying church at the kitchen table. It has been a great blessing to have these online services. It is convenient to visit the website and listen to the service in the comforts of our own homes at a time that is most suitable without the added stress of getting the kids ready, dressing up, and driving to the church building. Yet God commands us in Hebrews 10:25 not to forsake our own assembling together.  There is a blessing when we assemble in a face to face way. It goes on to say as is the habit of some.  This suggests that it is possible to develop the habit of doing church without the “need” to meet as a church. And our quality online services are helping to create that habit. We will need to work against the new habit of doing church online. The verse ends with the following statement: and all the more as you see the Day drawing near. I believe the Day is drawing near quite rapidly as we witness an increased push toward globalism by world leaders. There may come a time when the barriers to meet together are even more restrictive – and yet even then, God still commands us to assemble.  

I believe we should make every effort to come together as God’s people even though there are some restrictions because, in due time, the restrictions may increase. Lord willing, we will re-launch our morning services mid-July. We will keep you posted on the details. You can begin the habit of meeting together by joining our evening service in the church sanctuary at 6 PM every Sunday. We welcome your feedback and suggestions on a re-launch date. You can contact pastor Josh at 780.962.4101 or email him at

We look forward to seeing you all again and together, worshipping our great and awesome God.  

In Christ Jesus,

Pastor Josh on behalf of the Elders and Deacons