Life Groups Weekly Questions

Weekly Life Group Questions

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Life Group: May 31 – June 6/2020


Text: Galatians 2:11 – 21

 Welcome/Icebreaker:  If you could choose any two famous people to have dinner with who would they be?

 Main Idea: We live the justified life by dying to the law and living in the Spirit

 Read Galatians 2: 11- 21



  • As you read this passage are there any words or phrases that jump out at you that you would like to explore further? Are there any initial questions you have after reading this passage?


Gal 2:11- 14

  • Where did this event happen? What disagreement did Paul have with Peter (i.e. What was Peter doing that Paul disagreed with?)? Why was Paul so adamant about Gentiles not having to be compelled to adopt a Jewish lifestyle? Why do you think Peter feared the men who came from Jerusalem (i.e. why did Peter’s attitude change with respect to the Gentiles?)? How can fear lead us to do things we would not normally consider doing (Prov 29:25)? In what way does Peter’s action remind of how quickly we can drift into hypocrisy? How can we overcome fear (cf., 2 Pet 3:17)?  



Gal 2:15 - 21

  • How does the world seek to justify themselves before God? Briefly explain the doctrine of justification by faith in terms that an unbeliever with no Bible knowledge could understand. How can God justify sinners like you and me (cf., Phil 3:7 – 9; 2 Cor 5:21)? Now that we are justified, how can we life a justified life (ans: dying to the Law and living in the Spirit)?  What does it mean to die to the Law? What does it mean to be crucified with Christ?


  • How would you explain the difference between being a good moral person and being a Christian to someone who thinks being good makes them acceptable to God?


  • Is there anything else in this passage that the Lord has impressed on your heart that you would like to apply in your life? How can we pray? 



Pray for One Another and pray through the blessing list (i.e. your oikos)


Pray for PBC

  • The Lord would continue to direct and guide PBC though the current Corona virus crisis.
  • The Lord would continue to enlarge the Life Group ministry.
  • Pray that PBC can minister to the community during these uncertain times.
  • Pray that the Lord would continue to use PBC for His glory.
  • Pray that the Gospel would reach the Spruce Grove communities of Deer Park, Heatherglen and Heritage Creek.
Life Group: May 31 June 6/2020
Galatians 2:11 21
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