Life Groups Weekly Questions

Weekly Life Group Questions

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Life Group: September 14 - 20, 2020  


Text:   Jude 20 – 25

 Welcome:  (you may wish to use this icebreaker or better yet – come up with an icebreaker designed for your group!)

  • If you had the power to change one problem in the world today, what would that problem be?

 Word Quests:

  • As you read this passage what word or phrase jumps out at you? Why?
  • According to v20, what is our most holy faith? How do we build ourselves up in the faith? (cf., Acts 20:32; 1 Pet 2:2)
  • What does it mean to pray in the Holy Spirit? What role does the Holy Spirit have in our prayers (cf., Rom 8:26, 27; Zech 12:10)? What are some obstacles to praying in the Spirit?
  • How can we keep ourselves in the love of God? How do we “fall out” of the love of God (cf., Rev 2:4). How can we get back into the love of God (ans: repent and remain).  How do we remain in the love of God (cf., John 15:9, 10)?
  • What three types of people does Jude describe? What evangelistic strategies does each type require?  What should our attitude be when we share the Gospel (ans: have the mercy of God and the fear of God)?
  • Declaring praise to God is a response to who He is and to what He has done. What praiseworthy intervention has the Lord done in your life recently?  Spend some time declaring praise to God.
  • Are there any questions you have about this passage? Is there anything in this passage that the Lord has impressed on your heart that you would like to apply in your life?
  • Find a partner in your group and pray a prayer of blessing on each other. Or spend praying for one another according to need.


  • You may want to use the remaining time to create a blessing list for this year.  If you need Oikos cards please let me know I can email some to you.


Pray for One Another and pray through the blessing list (i.e. your oikos)


Pray for PBC

  • The Lord would continue to direct and guide PBC though the current Corona virus crisis.
  • The Lord would continue to enlarge the Life Group ministry.
  • Pray that PBC can minister to the community during these uncertain times.
  • Pray that the Lord would continue to use PBC for His glory.
  • Pray that the Gospel would reach the Spruce Grove communities of Old Town North, Meridian Cove & Meridian Meadows.
Life Group Questions - September 14 - 20, 2020
Jude 20 - 25
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Life Group: May 31 June 6/2020
Galatians 2:11 21
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