Life Groups Weekly Questions

Weekly Life Group Questions

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Life Group: May 24 - 30, 2021


Text: 1 Peter 3:13 – 22   


Welcome/Icebreaker: What is your greatest fear?


Main Idea: Since Jesus was willing to die for us, should we not also be willing to suffer for Him?


Read 1 Peter 3:13 – 22


Big Picture Questions

  • As you read this passage are there any words or phrases that jump out at you that you would like to explore further? Are there any initial questions you have after reading this passage? What do you think is the central message of this passage? What is your initial reaction to this story?

 Observation Questions

  • What does Peter forbid in 3:14?
  • Which better suffering for doing what is fright or for doing what is wrong?
  • For whom did Jesus die? How many people were rescued from the flood waters?
  • What do the flood waters point to? is the Stone Peter is speaking about? Who rejected the Stone?

 Interpretation Questions

  • What fears do people have today? What are some dangerous consequences with fear (1 Sam 15:24)?  Why would one person harm another for doing what is good?
  • What does it mean to sanctify Jesus as Lord? If someone were to ask you the reason for the hope that is in you, how would you answer? How is hope a game-changer? What situation seemed hopeless to you until the Lord Jesus brought hope?
  • What is the ultimate reason for the death and resurrection of Jesus? What does it mean to be brought back to God?
  • Who are the spirits now in prison? Why did Jesus go to them?
  • How do flood waters foreshadow water baptism?


Application Questions

  • How can we more fully set apart Jesus as Lord in our thoughts and actions?
  • Is anything else in this passage that the Lord has impressed on your heart that you would like to apply in your life? How can we pray?



Pray for PBC

  • The Lord would continue to direct and guide PBC though the current Corona crisis.
  • The Lord would continue to enlarge the Life Group ministry.
  • Pray that God would open doors of opportunity to minister to our community and share the good news with our neighbours.


Life Group Questions
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