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Destination UnknownSeptember 6, 2020

Genesis 29:1 - 20

As recipients of the promises of God we find that He prospers our way.

By Pastor Josh Munan

Lessons From The LadderAugust 30, 2020

Genesis 28:10 – 22

When we face a dark, difficult and uncertain future, we need to go to the Scriptures and be reminded of the many promises the Lord has made.

By Pastor Josh Munan

A Twin StudyApril 26, 2020

Genesis 25:19-34

The twin study teaches us that we should persist in our praying and value our birthright as our greatest treasure.

By Pastor Josh Munan

Let Us Make a Name for the Lord JesusApril 19, 2020

Genesis 11:1 – 9

The account of the Tower of Babel highlights present-day efforts toward global governance promising peace and safety for the world.

By Pastor Josh Munan

Surrender and sacrifice - April 12, 2020

Genesis 22:1-14

Obedience involves God’s love and the assurance of His will. Submission requires agreeing that His will is best. 

By Pastor Josh Munan

Destination Unknown
Genesis 29:1 20
Download (141KB)
Lessons from the Ladder
Genesis 28:10 22
Download (143KB)
Sermon Notes - A Twin Study
Genesis 25:19 34
Download (29KB)
Sermon Note -Let Us Make a Name for the Lord Jesus
Genesis 11:1-9
Download (32KB)
Sermon Notes -Surrender and Sacrifice
Genesis 22:1 14
Download (174KB)
Guided by God
Pastor Josh Munan
Chapter 24:1 - 14
Download (56323KB)
Sermon Notes - Guided by God
Genesis 24:1 14
Download (194KB)
The Highs and Lows of Life
Pastor Josh Munan
Chapter 21:121
Download (50902KB)
Sermon Notes - The Highs and Lows of Life
Genesis 21:1 21
Download (100KB)
The Day God Drew Near
Pastor Josh Munan
Chapter 18:1 - 15
Download (50794KB)
Sermon Notes - The Day God Drew Near
Genesis 18:1 15
Download (99KB)
Signed, Sealed and Delivered
Pastor Josh Munan
Chapter 17:1 - 14
Download (60637KB)
Sermon Notes - Signed, Sealed and Delivered
Genesis 17:1 14
Download (140KB)
I Did it My Way
Pastor Josh Munan
Chapter 16
Download (42134KB)
Sermon Notes - I Did It My Way
Genesis 16
Download (192KB)
Promise Keeper
Pastor Josh Munan
Chapter 15
Download (61597KB)
Sermon Notes - Promise Keeper
Genesis 15
Download (99KB)
The Great Defender
Pastor Enoch Gray
Chapter 14:14 - 15:1
Download (49468KB)
Abram and a Lot of Trouble
Pastor Josh Munan
Chapter 13
Download (53093KB)
Sermon Notes - Abram and a Lot of Trouble
Genesis 13
Download (142KB)
Why Israel
Pastor Josh Munan
Chapter 11:31 - 12:9
Download (52526KB)
Sermon Notes - Why Israel?
Genesis 11:31 12:9
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