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Bibliology - Do we have the Right Words? Part 1

Since the Scriptures have undergone some 3000 plus years of transmission this raises important questions: 1) Is the Bible we have in our hand the same as when it was written? Has the content of the Bible changed over the years? 2) Did the scribes ever make mistakes when copying the Bible? 3) Why does my Bible sometimes say that many manuscripts do not contain these verses? Answering these questions is what we will be discussing during the next few sessions.



Survey of Theology - Pastor Josh Munan - October 5, 2020



Where do we go for ultimate authority?

Over 100 million Bibles are printed every year and is the most widely distributed and best-selling book in the world. Why is the Bible unlike any other book in the world? Why were believers over the centuries willing to give up their lives rather than to give up their Bibles? Can we truly trust the Bible to be the very words of God and without error? Join us in this and in following sessions as we seek to answers these questions and more.

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Survey of Theology - Pastor Josh Munan - September 28, 2020