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PBC Children's Ministry

We believe that children are a blessing for the Lord and are glad for them to be a part of our church. Through our children’s ministry we want to partner with Christian parents in their kids spiritual education. We want to show them God’s love, teach them His truth from the Bible, and encourage them to follow Him with their lives in practical ways.


On Sunday morning we have a Sunday school program for children. This gives kids an opportunity to praise God through fun songs and actions, receive an engaging children’s message, and explore God’s Word through a lesson geared to their own age group. Sunday school give them an opportunity to make friends with other kids in their class and to be coached by a teacher who cares for them.


How it works:  after a time of worship with their family, children ages 4-10 are dismissed from the sanctuary and go downstairs for their own children’s service in the Fellowship Hall. Afterwards they split up to go to age based classes. After church, parents pick their children up at their child’s classroom.








If you’re interested in learning more about Children's Ministry at Parkland Baptist Church, contact us here! We'd love to hear from you.