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What is a LIFE Group?

As a family of believers seeking to glorify God, we believe Life Groups are an important way to grow in our love for the Lord and for one another.

Life Groups are God`s “incubators” for life change as they provide a strategy through which everyone is cared for. They are vehicles through which ministry is offered and received. 

In Life Groups we can be intentional about growing in Jesus, learning to apply the whole counsel of God, minister to one another in the power of the Spirit, and reach our neighbors for the Lord. 

If you are interested in exploring, joining, hosting, or even leading or co-leading a Life Group then please fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we would be happy to help you get connected. 


The mission of Life Groups is to be small loving communities growing in Jesus, growing in true spiritual fellowship, winning others to the Lord and where new leaders are raised up and sent out to start new groups.


Life Group Values

  • Worship: Jesus is at the center of all that we do.
  • Ministry: Every member is affirmed in their area of giftedness and encouraged to care for one another. Life Groups are founded on the premise that we are truly the Body of Christ.
  • Discipleship: Every person with the help of others taking personal responsibility for their individual walk with the Lord.
  • Community: A Life Group is a family of believers who have a deepening relationship with one another.
  • Prayer: Prayer is key to seeing God accomplish His purposes.
  • Scripture: Life Groups focus on the application of the Word of God.
  • Evangelism: In Life Groups everyone is encouraged to be involved in friendship evangelism.  Expressing the love of Christ Jesus to our neighbor in practical ways is a shared experience of Life Groups.
  • Multiplication: Life Groups aim to multiply.  This is done by raising-up new and emerging leaders to begin new Life Group communities. 
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