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Sunday Morning Worship Service

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April 5, 2020

A Grand Entrance

Luke 19:28-44


Pastor Enoch Gray


Sermon Notes 

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A Grand Entrance

Luke 19:28-44


  1.  Jesus deliberately made a grand entrance in order to declare to the world that he is the Christ.  
    1. We see this in his coming into Jerusalem riding on a donkey.
    2. We see this in his coming boldly and openly into Jerusalem.
    3. We see this in his allowing his disciples to proclaim his messianic identity and then defending the rightness of their proclamation when challenged by the pharisees. 
  2. As we either accept or reject his claim to be God's anointed one, we will associate ourselves with one of the three groups that were present at the Triumphant Entry.  
    1. The disciples accepted Jesus claim and followed him both when they liked what he said and continued to follow him even when his way lead them where they did not want to go.
    2. The crowd cheered for Jesus when he was doing what they wanted but booed and condemned him when his plan did not fit their agenda.
    3. The religious leaders at the time were threatened by Jesus and consistently rejected him both at the Triumphant Entry and at the cross.
  3. If we choose to follow Jesus, we should imitate the actions that his disciples take in the Triumphant Entry.
    1. The disciples praised God with their voices and proclaimed who Jesus was.
      •   Will we use our voices to praise God and publicly confess our allegiance to Jesus?
    2. The disciples honored Jesus with their possessions; potentially using the very cloaks off their backs.
      •  As we go into difficult financial times will we still honor God with what we have by caring for others?
    3. The disciples obeyed Jesus even when his instructions did not make sense.
      • ​​​​​​​Will we serve Jesus with our lives even when what he asks is difficult or awkward?

Jesus openly declared himself to be the Christ--the Saviour of the world. Will you recognize him for who he shows himself to be and then follow him with your life?



A Grand Entrance
Luke 9:28-44
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