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God's Rx During Pandemics - December 13, 2020

James 5:7-20

God’s prescription when facing stressful times is to persevere with patience, to engage in prayer and praise and to pursue prodigals. 

 By Pastor Josh Munan

Acknowledging God in All Our Ways - December 6, 2020

James 4:11-5:7

We should acknowledge God in our appraisal of others, in our approach to the future and in our attitude toward wealth

By Pastor Josh Munan 

Wisdom that Overcomes the World - November 29, 2020

James 3:13 - 4:10

God’s wisdom enables us to relate to one another, return to the Lord, repent from sin and receive His grace.

By Pastor Josh Munan

Speech Therapy - November 22, 2020

James 3:1-12

James teaches on the dangers of an uncontrolled tongue and how to regain control of our tongue.

By Pastor Josh Munan


The Faith Test - November 15, 2020

James 2:14 – 26


When the Lord Jesus is the object of our faith, works become the expression of our faith.

By Pastor Josh Munan


Let Mercy Triumph - November 8, 2020

James 2:1-13


As followers of Jesus, we must value people as God does rather than utilizing broken human standards.

Pastor Enoch Gray


Character of a Christian- Nomember 1, 2020

James 1:12 - 27


A genuine Christian knows the Lord, obeys the Word and cares for the weak.

Pastor Josh Munan


Can Anything Good Come Out of 2020? - October 18, 2020

 James 1:1-11


Much good can come out of 2020 as we focus on the joy of the Lord and seek to apply His wisdom.

Pastor Josh Munan




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Godís Rx During Pandemics
James 5:7-20
Download (174KB)
Wisdom That Overcomes The World
James 3:13-4:10
Download (184KB)
Speech Therapy
James 3:1 Ė 12
Download (139KB)
The Faith Test
James 2:14-26
Download (163KB)
Let Mercy Triumph
James 2:1-13
Download (356KB)
Character of a Christian
James 1:12-27
Download (149KB)
Can Anything Good Come Out Of 2020?
James 1:1-11
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